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Though there is a highly competitive spirit among club members when it comes to improving and cleaning their cars, people don’t need to have the “latest and greatest” to participate, according to Greater New Orleans Corvette Club president Tom Wooten.

“Some people just have the $7,000 Corvette they picked up off a used car lot,” he said.

Wooten has two fairly new Corvettes, a 2008 and a 2013 model. Though he estimates that half of the club members are mechanics, Wooten leaves it to the professionals. “I know where the dealership is,” he said.

Everyone in the club does their own detailing and many also do some custom painting and repairs. “Once you get it to a certain level of cleanliness and so on, you don’t want it to get scratched,” he said, explaining why members spend hours cleaning the cars themselves.

A few club members have Corvettes that compete on a national level. “This involves bringing the cars back to how they rolled off the assembly line — down to the last bolt,” Wooten said.

Though the GNCC is the biggest Corvette club in the area with 300 members, people in other parts of the state have options. The Crescent City Corvette Club operates out of the city of New Orleans. Baton Rouge has the Greater Baton Rouge Corvette Club and there are also clubs in Lafayette and on the North Shore.

“We do things en masse,” Wooten said. Besides their monthly meetings, the group attends at least two car shows every year. They hold their own show in Slidell in October to benefit the Metropolitan Center for Women and Children.

Cruises, bowling and other events also give members a chance to get together and show off their cars.

“It helps to have a group of like-minded people. You can commiserate with the good and bad news,” Wooten said.





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